About Us

How it Started

My passion for audio began in high school, when I installed my first amp and subwoofer in my 1979 Mustang! That's me on the right, with my little brother in said Mustang looking as cool as possible.

From that point on I was hooked. I haven't owned a car since then that I didn't modify the sound system in one way or another, and I usually ended up installing gear in friend's and family's cars as well.‚Äč


Once I owned my own apartment, it was easy to make the transition from car audio to home audio and, once again, I became hooked in that world as well. There I am opening up my first pair of Polk Audio Home Theater speakers!

Innovation in the Industry

One of my more recent interests has been home automation. With the advent of Alexa, Phillips Hue and SmartThings by Samsung, along with the Harmony remotes by Logitech, the possibilities are seemingly endless to what you can control using your voice.

If you've been thinking of adding some Smart features to your home, I would love to help you navigate the sea of products that are on the market - from front door cameras to garage door openers to sensors that notify your phone when there is a water leak detected or a window or door has been opened.